In and Around Capital

IRTRA - Mundo Petapa
Where: Avenida Petapa 42-36 zona 12
What's there: Amusement park, pools, zoo, restaurants, etc.
(502) 2245-1100


IRTRA - Agua Caliente
Where: Km. 29 on the Highway to the Atlantic/Puerto Barrios
What's there: Shared and private hot baths, pool, small zoo, several rides for kids, picnic areas, etc.
(502) 2423-9000 Ext. 1114 & 1115


IRTRA - Amatitlán
Where: Km. 28 Highway around Lake Amatitlán, Colonia Salitre
What's there: Picnic areas, pools, jungle gyms, boat rides, etc.


Aerial Tramway - Amatitlán
Where: In front of the public beach, Las Ninfas Recreation Center, Lake Amatitlán
What's there: Aerial tramway to overview of lake, picnic areas, small restaurant. While not an all day outing in and of itself a trip up to the top is well worth the time and small amount of money charged. Great views of what once was Guatemala's other weekend lake destination.


Santa Teresita - Amatitlán
Where: Exit Highway to the Pacific at Kilometer 26. Head towards Lake and look for signs and/or the bridge over only real river in the vecinity (Note: Best not look at water in river. You will feel pure inside installations...not so much outside.)
What's there: Steam baths, pools, hydrotherapy, massage, spas and a restaurant. Some pretty zany architecture to top it off. There are other spas, tourist centers and the like in the area....Santa Teresita is the most well known.